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SelfStir User - Personal

  1. After I complete my self-assessment, how long can I wait before I invite raters?

  2. Any tips on who best to choose as raters?

  3. As a user, can I be a coach?

  4. Can a survey be re-run in future periods and then compared?

  5. Can I add a personalized message to the rater invitation request?

  6. Can I add a public recommendation to my Journal?

  7. Can I add a recommendation to the Public Recommendation List?

  8. Can I add an open-ended response from my survey results to my Journal?

  9. Can I close my account? What happens to my data then?

  10. Can I delete a rater invitation request after they have started the survey?

  11. Can I delete a recommendation after I add it to the Public Recommendation List?

  12. Can I delete a self-assessment or a 360-degree feedback survey and results?

  13. Can I delete an action item?

  14. Can I delete an archived action item?

  15. Can I drag the survey pointer anywhere on the scale?

  16. Can I email my survey results?

  17. Can I immediately see my results after I take my self-assessment?

  18. Can I post a recommendation?

  19. Can I print my survey results?

  20. Can I rate a professional or peer coach?

  21. Can I remove a rater after I submit the invitation?

  22. Can I save a self-assessment and continue it later?

  23. Can I see individual rater responses?

  24. Can I send a message to a coach before requesting them to become a connection?

  25. Can I share a recommendation with my connection(s)?

  26. Can I unblock a connection? If so, how?

  27. Can I write a review to an existing public recommendation?

  28. Do I first have to complete my self-assessment in order to invite raters?

  29. Do I have to wait until all the raters complete the survey before I can view my 360-degree feedback results?

  30. Do I need qualifications to become a peer coach?

  31. Do I need to complete all the information in My Profile?

  32. Do I need to download anything or is the system online?

  33. How are the results communicated to me (the user)?

  34. How can I contribute to

  35. How can I make sure my results can only be seen by people I choose?

  36. How do I add a public recommendation to my Action Items?

  37. How do I analyze my survey results?

  38. How do I change my password?

  39. How do I choose a professional coach?

  40. How do I invite raters after I complete my self-assessment?

  41. How do I know how long it will take to complete a survey based on my chosen competencies?

  42. How do I know if a coach is good/qualified/ethical/etc...?

  43. How do I know when a rater starts or completes my survey?

  44. How do I know when raters have rated me?

  45. How do I send a request to connect with a professional or peer coach?

  46. How do I stop sharing information with my connection(s)?

  47. How do I take a self-assessment?

  48. How do my privacy settings affect the way my name is reflected when I add a public recommendation?

  49. How fast do I get my results?

  50. How is the Not Applicable counted/represented towards the survey results?

  51. How long does a session take to timeout before I am logged out?

  52. How many fluency languages can I add to my profile?

  53. How often can I repeat the same survey?

  54. If I need to change a rating, can I go back to previous pages without losing the completed ratings?

  55. Is my data confidential and secure on SelfStir?

  56. Is available in other languages?

  57. Is supported by all Internet browsers?

  58. Is there a limit on the number of raters allowed?

  59. Is there a limit to how many surveys I can take? (time interval or number limit)

  60. On what basis are recommendations made to me?

  61. What are the various assessments you can do on

  62. What can I do while I wait for my raters to complete my survey?

  63. What do I do with my results? Where do I go from there?

  64. What do you do with all the survey data?

  65. What do you mean by context?

  66. What does the survey scale represent?

  67. What happens when I block a connection?

  68. What if one or more competencies are not relevant to my situation?

  69. What information can I share with my connection(s)?

  70. What is peer coaching?

  71. What is the difference between a 360/180 degree feedback survey and a self assessment?

  72. What is the difference between a professional coach and a peer coach?

  73. What is the size limit for the image upload in Edit My Profile?

  74. What IT resources are required from me to administer a 360 degree feedback or to use any of the tools?

  75. What options do I have if I can't afford a professional coach and am distrustful of peer coaches?

  76. What tools does offer me?

  77. When I add an email address to my profile, what do I need to do to validate it?

  78. When I register as a user, why do you ask for personal information?

  79. Where can I quickly access the latest feature updates?

  80. Where can I easily access SelfStir’s latest news?

  81. Where can I view my pending connection requests?

  82. Where can I view the submitted reviews to a public recommendation?

  83. Where do I go if I have a question?

  84. Where do I go to adjust my privacy settings?

  85. Where do I go to search for a peer coach?

  86. Where do I go to search for a professional coach?

  87. Where do I go to stop receiving email notifications?

  88. Where do I go to submit a new idea to help improve

  89. Which competencies should I select to take a survey?

  90. Why can’t I repeat the same assessment in less than six months? What if my circumstances have changed?

  91. Why do I need 3 raters from the beginning? Can’t I add them as I go along? What if I don’t find 3?

  92. Why do I need a peer coach?

  93. Why do I need a professional coach?

  94. Why is the time zone reflected differently in my Inbox and Journal?

  95. Why should I share my action items with my connections?

  96. Why should I share my journal with my connections?

  97. Why should I share my survey results with my connections?

  98. Will the invited raters receive an email to take the survey?

  99. What is the Knowledge Forum?

  100. What can I do in the Knowledge Forum?

  101. How do I start a new discussion?

  102. How do I reply to a discussion?

  103. Can I delete a discussion after I post it?

  104. Can I edit a discussion I posted?

  105. Can I edit a reply I posted?

  106. Can I edit my discussion tags?

  107. What are tags?

  108. Can I vote for a discussion?

  109. Can I vote on a reply to a discussion?

  110. Can I follow a discussion?

  111. Why do some users’ identity appear while others appear as ‘SelfStir User’?

  112. If my profile is private, can other users identify me when I start a discussion or contribute to one?

  113. What are Hot Discussions?

  114. What do you mean by Most Helpful replies?

  115. Do I receive email notifications for discussions I started or discussions I followed?

  116. Can I search by tags?

  117. Can I follow a user to view his/her posts?

  118. Where can I view my followed users’ activities?

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