Where can I view my pending connection requests?

You can either click on your pending connection(s) from your dashboard, or you can click on My Connections tab, where you will find Pending Requests located on the top left of the page. Unless you specify in your email notifications settings not to receive notifications, you will receive and email indicating that you have a connection request with a link to My Connections page.

Professional Coach - Personal

  1. As a coach or consultant, can I promote your free 360 tool and use it with my clients?
  2. As a professional coach, does SelfStir require a % of my earnings from coaching SelfStir users?
  3. Can I access my connection(s)’ profile from my account?
  4. Can I add a comment directly to a connection’s Journal?
  5. Can I add a connection’s open-ended response to My Journal?
  6. Can I add a public recommendation to my Journal?
  7. Can I add a recommendation to the Public Recommendation List?
  8. Can I add or upload my own tools?
  9. Can I connect with another professional coach?
  10. Can I create both a coach and user profile using the same email?
  11. Can I delete a recommendation after I add it to the Public Recommendation List?
  12. Can I delete my professional coach account?
  13. Can I share a recommendation with my connection(s)?
  14. Can I share information with my connection(s)?
  15. Can I sign up with a dual account as a professional coach and a user?
  16. Can I take a survey with a professional coach account?
  17. Can I take the survey if I am a professional coach?
  18. Can I unblock a connection? If so, how?
  19. Can I view or search for other professional or peer coach(s)?
  20. Can I write a review to an existing public recommendation?
  21. Do I need to complete all the information in My Profile?
  22. How can I be listed as a professional coach on SelfStir.com?
  23. How can I contribute to SelfStir.com?
  24. How do I change my password?
  25. How do my privacy settings affect the way my name is reflected when I add a public recommendation?
  26. How long does a session take to timeout before I am logged out?
  27. How many fluency languages can I add to my profile?
  28. Is my data confidential and secure on SelfStir?
  29. Is SelfStir.com available in other languages?
  30. Is SelfStir.com supported by all Internet browsers?
  31. What is the size limit for the image upload in Edit My Profile?
  32. What IT resources are required from me to administer a 360 degree feedback or to use any of the SelfStir.com tools?
  33. When I add an email address to my profile, what do I need to do to validate it?
  34. Where can I easily access SelfStir’s latest news?
  35. Where can I quickly access the latest feature SelfStir.com updates?
  36. Where can I view my pending connection requests?
  37. Where can I view the submitted reviews to a public recommendation?
  38. Where do I go if I have a question?
  39. Where do I go to access SelfStir.com posted article and reference materials?
  40. Where do I go to adjust my privacy settings?
  41. Where do I go to stop receiving email notifications?
  42. Where do I go to submit a new idea to help improve SelfStir.com?
  43. Why is the time zone reflected differently in my Inbox and Journal?
  44. What is the Knowledge Forum?
  45. What can I do in the Knowledge Forum?
  46. How do I start a new discussion?
  47. How do I reply to a discussion?
  48. Can I delete a discussion after I post it?
  49. Can I edit a discussion I posted?
  50. Can I edit a reply I posted?
  51. Can I edit my discussion tags?
  52. What are tags?
  53. Can I vote for a discussion?
  54. Can I vote on a reply to a discussion?
  55. Can I follow a discussion?
  56. Why do some users’ identity appear while others appear as ‘SelfStir User’?
  57. If my profile is private, can other users identify me when I start a discussion or contribute to one?
  58. What are Hot Discussions?
  59. What do you mean by Most Helpful replies?
  60. Do I receive email notifications for discussions I started or discussions I followed?
  61. Can I search by tags?
  62. Can I follow a user to view his/her posts?
  63. Where can I view my followed users’ activities?

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